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the FiELD group inc. – Fashion, Inspiring & Empowering Local Designers – is a Fashion Designer Manufacturing group. In-house manufacturing, dedicated to providing individual service with absolutely no minimums, ensures quality and on-time delivery. Membership provides designers with access to a fully equipped studio, marketing and business mentoring support, and workshops to nurture and grow your business. Our Intern program provides hands-on learning with the variety of designers-in-residence.

Mission Statement

We believe in creating a local Fashion community to empower new designers to create, grow and sell. An authentic: community where people’s true feelings, talents, dreams and motivations are acknowledged. People coming together who can both lead and follow, who are knowledgeable yet willing to continue learning.

Vision Statement

the FiELD group inc. will inspire the Calgary Fashion Industry to radiate strength and independence by providing an innovative platform for emerging fashion designers to build their individual businesses. Our dream is to build lasting relationships and harmony within the Fashion Industry. Authentically encouraging this contagious nature to expand throughout Western Canada within the next 10 years.


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Mannequins at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design

Whats included

24/7 Access
No minimum manufacturing
Fabric/Notion/Pattern storage
Access to fully equipped design studio
Priority invites to all events, trainings and workshops
One hour/week of business coaching/marketing mentoring
A community of likeminded individuals
Complete foundation to grow your business
Access to meeting rooms


Gym Access
One block away from LRT
Central downtown location
Access to marketing team
Access to the FiELD Group Events and fashion shows
Access to parking

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Designers in Residence


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JS Designs
Jill Smolkin

Dare to Dream Arnold! Dare to Dream

 Where would we be if we didn’t have dreams? Like most designers, I have been playing around creatively since I was a kid. Unfortunately though, I didn’t honor my creative side for many years. Fortunately, as I stumbled through this dark time, my true path was simmering in the background.

  Life Lesson #1: Never discount off-handed comments; they may lead you to where you are supposed to be.

 I happened to move to Vancouver due to one of those off-hand comments.  Then I went back to school as the result of another off-hand comment. Doing all this at the age of 40 was not a task to be taken lightly but all my dreams started unfolding right in front of me.

 Life Lesson #2: Step towards your dreams and all the strength and courage you need will follow.

 Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t as easy as it seems. It doesn’t all just happen. You need to work very hard, cry a lot, bleed and most of all have faith.

 JS is my dream! A line of clothing exclusively for us “Above Average” woman. What do you like better – Plus Size or Above Average? Personally, I like the term Above Average, because we are that in all aspects. We are smart, beautiful, gracious, loving, fierce women. We are not the average woman! Don’t you think we deserve to have clothing that is just for us, from a designer that understands the plus size body?

When was the last time you tried a skirt on that was the same length in the front as it is in the back? Or had the waist of a dress actually fall at your waist? Oh and don’t get me started about button up blouses!!

 This frustration fuels my passion and drives me to provide garments that are not only designed for but specifically made for a plus size body. Over a period of year and a half I developed my patterns to fit all the voluptuous curves of “Above Average” woman.

If you start dressing for who you are, the more you will feel like yourself. Maybe you’ll lose weight, maybe you won’t, it doesn’t matter. What matters is you take care of yourself, which includes having clothes that shows off how fabulous you truly are!

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300-718 8 Ave S.W.
Calgary, AB


Jill Smolkin – Founder